How does ONETAP empower your team to perform their best?


Efficiently manage huddle activities and improve team's productivity by leveraging automation benefits.

Virtual Assistant

Drive seamless engagement between leaders and sales reps using conversational bots that act like assistants.

CRM Integration

Integrate CRM platform and track client's engagement for a better lead management/ sales funnel.

Smart Recommendations

Lead sales team with smart nudges in real time to take action based on scenarios.


Deliver proactive directives and feedback to improve user engagement and collaboration.

Voice Data Management

Continuously engage team members with voice analytics and keep a track of their performance.

What you need to build a high performance sales team?

Conversational Intelligence

Grow your sales by not only interacting but conversing intelligently with your team members. ONETAP helps you collect valuable insights from conversations, share and collaborate with team members and take actions accordingly.

Sales Engagement

Identify which activities, content, and tactics drive successful client interactions and streamline engagement strategies according to the stage of the sales cycle to improve sales engagement with your clients.

Performance Management

Track, monitor and compare individual and team results, identify top performers and struggling reps, and set performance benchmarks. Improve team's performance to achieve targets efficiently.

Team Productivity

Improve sales team's productivity and efficiency with ONETAP. Sales leaders can track, measure and manage performance of the entire sales team as well as individual team members through insights on performance. The managers can accordingly incentivise or enable their team members.

Team Enablement

Enable your sales team through data-driven engagement offered by ONETAP. The regular performance updates shared by the platform helps sales leaders monitor and manage their teams better, incentivise them, assist wherever necessary and train them, thus improving the overall effectiveness and performance of the team.


Sales team is regularly updated with customer information that's hyper personalised using AI-driven conversational bots. Such timely nudges with real-time information keeps them ready with information to tailor conversations that match customer expectations, offer what's relevant to customers and improve conversions.

Learning & Development

While monitoring the performance of your sales team, share content that will help them improve their performance and polish their skills. ONETAP provides a library of skill-based recommended L&D content for sales teams to learn and grow while performing their work and improving conversions.

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