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Increasing Sales & Marketing effectiveness through 360 degree view of retail operations


"BI is about providing the right data at the right time to the right people so that they can take the right decisions."

-Nic Smith, Microsoft BI Solutions Marketing

Business Intelligence is the foundation for any short-term and long-term business strategy. Business Intelligence solutions are becoming an integral component of every business today. By empowering the organizations to convert the vast amount of data into actionable insights, BI solutions enable better decision making by utilizing data in more efficient and effective ways.

With our BI solutions, build strong data-backed strategies and take informed decisions on time by ascertaining consumer behavior, marketing trends, product updates, costs, and much more. Establish a culture of data democracy and improve your product, build better relationships with customers, and ultimately grow in smart ways.

Drive business with actionable data insights

Performance Management

Track and measure key performance indicators to identify business issues from a large number of diversified data sets, enabling enterprises to monitor performance and capture every aspect of the performance management matrix into one single score.

Improved Sales & Marketing Efforts

Make customer outreach efforts more successful and increase sales with BI capabilities. Give marketing and sales teams in-depth information on the customer needs, wants and buying patterns by analyzing data from multiple sources and enable them to craft targeted marketing campaigns.

Improved Productivity & Efficiency

Streamline your business processes and uncover dynamics within operations that need attention with BI solutions. Our BI accelerators developed on BI tools such as Qlik, Power BI, Tableau offer a customised suite for marketing, operations, and sales departments that have their datasets and KPIs helping you optimize business processes to increase productivity and efficiency.

Build Robust Strategies

Aid corporate and business executives in strategic planning by providing them access to data. Our BI platforms assist decision makers to get accurate insights about organizational strategies, set direction and make decisions guided by data.

Improve Customer Service

Win more customers with BI capabilities. Our BI platforms provide information about the historical operational metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to effectively manage contact centers, understand client segments and serve them with better services.

Financial Analysis

Our BI solutions give insights into the financial performance of the organizations across all key dimensions like products, departments, locations & more. Organizations can monitor even the most complex of metrics for financial analysis through BI dashboards. We have helped our clients build dynamic P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash-Flow statements along with Financial Ratios on the BI dashboards.


Case Studies

Optimizing operations & improving customer satisfaction with ML interventions

Business Objective

Learn how we helped a leading real estate optimize their operations and improve customer satisfaction with ML interventions.

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Increasing sales & marketing effectiveness through 360 degree view of retail operations

Business Objective

Learn how we helped a leading oil & gas company increase the effectiveness of their sales & marketing communications by developing a 360 degree view of their retail operations & anomaly detection.

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Reducing customer churn for a leading securities company

Business Objective

Learn how we helped a leading banking organization improve customer satisfaction and reduce customer churn with analytics.

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Transforming merchant/distribution partners engagement using Conversational AI

Business Objective

Learn how we helped a leading payments bank transform engagement with distribution partners using Conversational Bots

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Case Studies


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