Accelerating data-driven decisions with capabilities

Case Study

Reducing Customer Churn for a leading Securities company


Modernizing data platform for an improved productivity and performance


In a short span, we have become a strategic partner to Databricks in India. This was possible only through our deep expertise in Advanced Analytics and AI implementations. As a valued partner of Databricks, we deliver end-to-end AI and ML solutions across industries.

Databricks is a leader in Unified Data Analytics. We aim to help organizations make their data ready for analytics, empowering data science and data-driven decisions across the organization, while rapidly adopting machine learning to outpace the competition. Our expertise in Databricks solutions helps organizations innovate faster and tackle business challenges easily.

Outpace the competition with rapid ML adoption

Unified Data Platform

Improve business agility and collaboration by performing Data Engineering, Data Science and BI, all on the same platform. It helps in breaking down silos which the individual teams operate in and helps build a truly enterprise data & AI function.


Bring the best of both worlds- Data Warehouse and Data Lake through a Lakehouse. Built on Databricks, it offers the benefits of performance and reliability of a Data Warehouse at the same time offering the advantages of unstructured data processing, affordability and flexibility of a Data Lake.


Machine Learning Accelerators

Fine-Grained Demand Forecasting

Customer Lifetime Value Assesment

Fraud Detection in Insurance

Anomaly Detection

Cross-Sell/Up-Sell Recommendation


Our Innovation

Intelligent Nudges Platform

Sales is the most critical function in any organization. However, one of the biggest challenges is identifying important leads and converting them. Intelligent Nudges - as a platform helps bring clarity, by providing Insights to Sales Managers. Our ML-enabled platform analyses data across systems and platforms to provide insightful, accurate and timely nudges to communicate and guide sales teams and sales leaders, making them more effective & efficient.


Easy Integration

Make your existing systems or platforms smarter by integrating intelligent nudges through APIs

ML Enabled

Drive actions through insights generated by ML algorithms

Self Service

Create and set up your own nudges that help better management of team’s and your own performance


Create and send alerts on various channels including email, SMS, mobile application and Whatsapp

Quick Deployment

Quickly deploy and get started with sales analytics in little or no time

Leverage our expertise in Databricks

Delta Lake


SQL Analytics

Real Time
Data Processing

Machine Learning Implementations


Case Studies

Reducing customer churn for a leading securities company

Business Objective

Learn how we helped a leading securities company improve customer satisfaction and reduce customer churn through analytics.

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Collection efficiency improvement for a leading Bank

Business Objective

Learn how we helped a growing bank improve collection efficiency of each agent on a daily basis in a cost effective manner.

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Conversational AI to enhance agent training & productivity

Business Objective

Learn how we helped a leading banking and financial services groups improve their agents’ productivity with the help of conversational analytics.

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Boosting sales performance by revamping customer service and improving customer retention

Business Objective

Learn how we helped a leading wealth management company improve their sales performance using Analytics & Automation.

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Case Studies


Recommendation Engine for Life Insurance


Augmented Intelligence- Accelerating Data to Decisions


  Managing frauds in insurance industry  


How to unify data, analytics & AI

Driving the future of Insurance with AI

Establish Revenue Intelligence with AI/ ML Capabilities

Success Stories

" Vidal Health has been pioneering and pushing the boundaries in use of analytics and tech for Insurance Industries. Exponentia helped Vidal successfully deploy cutting edge, data driven solutions which empowered our Corporate (B2B) customers with real time information and insights on the insurance policies and claims critical for their business decisions. Its been a great journey so far and hope to push boundaries further with AI Tech."

Asish Karunakaran


Vidal Health Insurance

"Exponentia is our valued partner on AI and Analytics. Together we are working on mission critical machine learning systems which are game changers for ATM industry."

Narendra Deshmukh

VP - Group Technology & Operations

Electronic Payment & Services

"Exponentia emphasised and maintained a collaborative approach during the entire project period. Requirements were not just accepted but challenged and discussed from a value-add perspective. Thanks to Exponentia, we have a system which benefits all departments of our organisation and has a very low running cost."

Nehit Makwana

Partner & Chief Financial Officer

Strax Capital

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