Maximise wealth through Data Analytics

Case Study

Modernizing data platform for an improved productivity and performance


Accelerating decision making and optimizing operations by moving to a modern data platform


"Hyper-Personalization may be wealth managers’ North star through unchartered waters"

- Forbes

In the last decade, adoption of analytics has increased significantly and organisations are moving towards establishing data culture for business decisions.Wealth management industry shows no exception to that. Major firms in Wealth & Asset Management are embracing new methods of advanced analytics and interactive visualisations at various touchpoints in their business value chain. Financial advisory firms are reforming their advisory models encompassing a combination of both science and human - based advice for their customers. Digitization of wealth management infrastructure has become important to survive and thrive in the coming years.

We’ve helped leading wealth management organizations transform digitally, begin their analytics adoption journey and harness its power to achieve organizational goals efficiently. Our solutions can help wealth managers in achieving unprecedented growth through our bespoke solutions.

Featured case study

Accelerating decision making process and optimizing operations by moving to a modern data platform

Learn how we helped a leading financial services organization accelerate their decision making processing by migrating to a modern data platform

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Key achievements:


Cost saved


Reduction in run time


Decision making

13 stored procedures

converted into synapse

Revolutionize Wealth Management with Analytics

Provide Personalized Recommendations

Leverage the advancement of analytics to provide hyper - personalized experience to your customers. Our solutions help wealth managers to analyse customer data, draw insights and engage with customers with relevant information and investment options, thus improving their revenue generation opportunities as well.

Widen the opportunity for upselling & Cross - selling

Maximize your profit by recommending the right product at the right time to your customers. With our solutions, analyse your customers’ demographic profiles, their behaviour, previous purchase patterns to offer them the suitable product that they need. Reduce your customer acquisition cost and get the most out of existing customers.

Automate repetitive processes

Our solutions help wealth managers in improving their efficiency by automating repetitive tasks that facilitate the aggregation of data from multiple sources for increased effectiveness of regulatory, risk assessment process and reporting, complaints management, etc. This reduces laborious processes for the collection, compilation, and cleansing of large amounts of information.

Fraud Management

Security of financial transactions and confidential information is the primary concern and the most important factor to consider when going digital. Our solutions ensure that transactions carried out digitally are safe and secure and reduce the chances of frauds significantly. Leverage capabilities of automation of processes for compliance, internal audit checks and balances.

Improve Productivity

Identify actionable client insights and enhance sales and marketing efforts using our analytics solutions, ML algorithms and AI capabilities. With our smart solutions, improve the productivity of your sales team and invest time and cost into leads that have the maximum potential to generate revenue.

Predictive Models for Better Decision Making

With clients being at the core of wealth management, it's important to equip the team with tools that help them derive customer insights for predictive models for improved decision making. Our analytics solutions help wealth managers process vast amounts of data more quickly and access changes in customer data/ behaviour and deliver personalized recommendations and deliver improved services.


Case Studies

Modernizing data platform for an improved productivity
and performance

Business Objective

Learn how we helped a leading financial services provider company modernize their data platform for accelerated data-driven decision making.

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Accelerating decision making and optimizing operations by moving to a modern data platform

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Learn how we helped a leading NBFC institute accelerate their decision making process by moving to a modern data platform.

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