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Improving marketing effectiveness by implementing data foundation & advanced analytics on a modern data platform


Reducing customer churn for a leading securities company


"By 2022, 70% of customer experience projects will make use of information technology."

- Forrester

CPG is one of the most competitive and rapidly growing industries in the world. With the huge customer base, CPG industry is generating huge volumes of data about product purchases, secondary sales, marketing activities, product performance etc. on a daily basis. This data has the potential to generate insights on market trends, sales performance,demand forecasting and help management adopt data - driven decision making practices and stay ahead of its competitors.

We help CPG companies extract the full value out of their data that help them personalize their communications, target the right audience with the right message at the right time and improve their revenue opportunities with relevant cross-sell and up-sell recommendations. Our solutions help CPG companies boost their customer base and build long term relationships with key stakeholders like channel partners, distributors and retailers.

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Improving Agent Productivity & Collection Efficiency

Learn how we helped a growing bank improve collection efficiency of each agent on a daily basis in a cost effective manner.

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Key Achievements:


Users' licensing cost was saved


centres allotted per agent in a day

Time Efficient

Significant saving of time

Data Storage

All data available at one place

Leverage Analytics for Higher Sales

Boost your Sales Performance

Drive higher sales with our intelligent sales analytics solution that provides insights to help you understand your top customers, top products, product sales trends, product contribution in overall revenue, most profitable products and so on. Use these insights to build a powerful sales strategy focusing more on the sensitive business touchpoints and grow your revenue.

Accelerate Decision Making

Address any critical issue or key opportunity immediately with our proprietary ML-based anomaly detection algorithm- that rightly identifies any unexpected pattern in sales trends, or other business KPIs. These alerts are trained with historical data, reference data changes and other inputs as specified to flag the alerts at the right moment to users for immediate action.

Sales Forecasting

Accurately predict future sales volumes at SKU level. Our solutions help CPG players develop a robust sales forecasting model, improve target setting by identifying current market conditions and improve customer sales. The structured scenario analysis also helps to improve decision making.

Automation through AI Bots

Automate daily operations with retailers through AI bots. Bots support CPG organizations by easing the process of order placement, demand forecasting and broadcasting promotional advertisements & offers to the retailers either through Web or mobile apps. The retailers can also check their incentives online based on previous orders thus facilitating instant gratification.

Performance Management of Sales Team

Track and manage performance of the sales team with performance scorecards. Performance of the team is measured on the basis of effort, effectiveness, regularity and consistency. The regular performance scorecards helps CPG companies identify areas that can be improved or incentivised as per the sales representative’s.

Inventory Optimization

Improve inventory forecasting by obtaining insights from vast volumes of data at the SKU level on a weekly/daily basis. Develop robust demand forecasts to perform inventory stock level vs lost sales scenario analysis, suggest order quantity recommendations to reduce out-of-stock frequency, optimize inventory and align inventory planning, forecasting and execution capabilities across the organization.

Product Launch Benchmarking and Cannibalization

Leverage analytics to plan a successful product launch and avoid cannibalization. Our solutions let you identify factors critical to new product success, understand how sales and contribution margin of a new product should be benchmarked to assess performance, measure a product launch, estimate impact of the product launch on overall market share and analyze the level of cannibalization from a newly launched products- thus enabling organizations to plan effectively for future.

Trade Promotion Optimization

Improve decision making with Analytics to identify and optimize promotional offers that maximizes sales lift, ROI and improves performance of newly launched products. Drive better decisions by understanding the critical factors responsible for successful promotions, identifying target audience and customizing promotional activity plans and calculating ROI.


Case Studies

Enhancing marketing efforts with Data & Analytics

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Reducing customer churn for a leading securities company

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Learn how we helped a leading securities company improve customer satisfaction and reduce customer churn through analytics.

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Improving sales & marketing effectiveness through 360 degree
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