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Case Study

Reducing Customer Churn for a leading Securities company


Collection Efficiency Improvement for a leading Bank


"By 2030, banks will be invisible, connected, insights-driven and purposeful."
- Forrester

In the last decade, the explosion of big data has opened up enormous potential for banks to grow and stay relevant. Banking industry has proven to be a pioneer in terms of analytics and BI adoption in improving business performance and promoting data - driven strategies. Data and analytics has been beneficial for Banking in general as well as in handling sensitive areas like fraud management, risk profiling and customer services.

Our solutions allow banking organizations to realize the full potential of their data and allow them to efficiently manage products and portfolios, improve collection efficiency, personalize customer interactions, offer relevant cross-sell and up-sell recommendations, reduce customer churn rate, improve risk management- all leading to better performance.

Featured case study

Improving agent productivity & collection efficiency

Learn how we helped a leading banking company to improve collection efficiency of each agent on a daily basis in a cost effective manner.

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Key Achievements:


Users' licensing cost was saved


centres allotted per agent in a day

Time Efficient

Significant saving of time

Data Storage

All data available at one place

Harness the power of analytics in banking

Financial Forecasting

Predict your future business performance accurately using ML-based forecasting algorithms. With insights generated by our solutions, make data - driven decisions on interest rate risk, net interest income, funds management and estimate future outcomes based on past, current, and projected financial conditions.

Management Dashboard

Create management dashboards that provide a one-view of all critical metrics, shows consolidated information across organisations and provides instant access to critical information in one go. Share organisation-level insights in a comprehensive way and empower the management to make data-driven decisions based on the updated information.

Segment - based Marketing

Improve the efficiency of your marketing efforts with analytics. Our solutions let banking organizations build segments across a huge customer pool to enable targeted marketing and boost sales opportunities for each segment. Identify least and most profitable customer segments, analyse their behavior/patterns and propose differentiated offerings.

Risk Management

Improve the efficiency of managing risks, operational risks, fraud risks, and credit risks. Our solutions use tools and techniques that can exponentially boost the predictive power of risk models, enhance the system response time and offer more extensive risk coverage.


Case Studies

Reducing customer churn for a leading securities company

Business Objective

Learn how we helped a growing bank improve collection efficiency of each agent on a daily basis in a cost effective manner.

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Collection efficiency improvement for
a leading Bank

Business Objective

Learn how we helped a growing bank improve collection efficiency of each agent on a daily basis in a cost effective manner.

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Automation of claim tracking system through Microsoft PowerApps

Business Objective

Learn how we helped a leadinfinsurance organization automate claim tracking system with the help of Microsoft PowerApps.

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Optimizing operations & improving customer satisfaction with ML interventions

Business Objective

Learn how we helped a leading real estate optimize their operations and improve customer satisfaction with ML interventions

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