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Revenue Process Automation for a Multi-National Conglomerate

Business Objective
  • Prediction of optimal cash requirements for each ATM
  • Overcome risks associated with manual process
  • Ensure operational excellence
The Problem

The client received commercial updates on its ongoing projects daily

  • The users had to perform excel operations to calculate revenue and make entries in the ERP system
  • The users then had to post revenue in the system and update the general ledger
  • The entire process involved multiple steps – consumed time although no decision making was involved
  • Due to multiple entries and calculations, the process was prone to errors – delaying revenue recognition and hence a wastage of manual effort
  • As the process is time consuming, it is carried out only for jobs with high revenue recognition threshold limit
The Solution

Exponentia DataLabs analyzed the existing Revenue Process in context of the problem and automated the process using RPA.

Automate process using RPA – BOT does everything

  • BOT extracts data from database
  • BOT performs necessary calculations to determine revenue and other commercials
  • BOT enters details in ERP system
  • BOT posts the revenue

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