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When you get in touch with our team, you get in touch with a team that invents possibilities and fosters innovation. Our team comprises data scientists, ex-investment bankers, technology geeks, management consultants, and business analysts. While the skills and experience may differ, few common traits which drive each individual are innovation, individual ownership and focus on the team's success.

Our people are our strength and we believe everyone should hold themselves to a high standard and be accountable for outcomes. At, we believe in fostering an inclusive culture that thrives on diversity, passion, curiosity; and one that is respectful to all. We encourage experimentation and learning in all of its many forms and believe that one should never be afraid of making mistakes but always use the learning's to improve and excel. While a lot of what we do is geeky work, we are a tribe of fun loving folks. We have a host of activities to make sure there is a perfect balance between work and fun.

Our Values

We as an organisation strive to solve and provide solutions, which have a meaningful impact on businesses and individuals. In order to succeed, we have always believed in keeping clients at the heart of whatever we do, making sure not just to facilitate a requirement, but to partner in delivering growth and success.

In an ever changing world, evolution through innovation is key to success. We at believe in constantly re-innovating ourselves to provide the best customer experience and service to our clients.

The epitome of our success, lies in our want of excellence in all that we do. With this thought in mind, it is our inherent impulse to provide futuristic and innovative solutions in the field of AI.

As an organisation we believe that each action of ours should be carried out with honesty; the only way to foster trustworthiness amongst everyone we interact with- colleagues, clients, and partners.

As an organisation it is our belief that the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives, is what differentiates us from the rest.

Our ability to constantly re-think, re-innovate, adapt and respond to rapid technological advancements in the field of AI & ML makes us agile and future ready as an organisation.

As an organisation, we believe in delivering the best results through excellence. In order to achieve this, we encourage exponents to demonstrate qualities of ownership and dependability thereby promoting leadership qualities.

Exponent Diaries


Prathamesh Sham Sable

Branch Manager (United Kingdom)

Time flies very quickly. I still feel like I joined Exponentia recently. Learning in Exponentia has always been a plus as you are exposed to every technology that you are interested to learn. From learning to certifications, the company helps you in all sorts of ways. It's a very well-focused firm that believes the potential of its success is in their colleagues and together helps a very happy environment to be in.


Rebontika Nath

Business Analyst

Being an exponent since the last 1.5 years, I have got the opportunity to explore new technologies, implement new ideas and gather deep understanding about business requirements, delivery processes. The best part of my journey remains to be organisational transparency, continuous learning and development culture across teams to adopt the latest and smart technologies as per business needs.


Vishav Bhatia

Pre Sales Associate

My journey began with in the year 2020 and since then my learning curve has been steep- I made a rapid progression in understanding and using different technologies over a short period of time. The team and leaders are very supportive and encourage you to do your best- Always!


Rocky Shinde

Software Developer

Being in exponentia there is always room to learn and grow. I get thrilled with new challenges we face, while learning something new daily.

What are we looking for?

Exponentia is building a world that is not limited by possibilities despite being challenged every day. We believe that a true Exponent is the one that reimagines possibilities through passion and determination and changes the world for the better. Exponentia is always looking for people:

Who fail only to learn from it

Failure is a sign that you either tried something for the first time or did it in a different way than usual. In this process, you will either Win or Learn.

Who love speed and accuracy

Your ability to be 'first time right' most of the time will make you a perfect Exponent.

Who can lead with integrity

Leadership demands truthfulness and honesty. Be it leading yourself or leading your team, integrity is one of the top attributes that we look for.