US Presidential Election Debates – What is Exponentia Text Analytics Saying?

Date:- Nov 8, 2016

Analytics in US Presidential Elections

This US Presidential Elections was different for several reasons and who knows it might be a history in making. The debates were fantastic and the analytics in US Presidential Elections made it even more interesting. Our analytics team looked at the debates and transcripts and brought you more insights and perspectives.

As soon as these debates started, we used our “Text Analytics” tool to do an overall analysis of the candidate’s speech and the phrases they’ve used. What we have is a complete drill-down of the keywords and key phrases both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump used, the frequency, associated words and sentiments.

Here’s the word cloud for Hillary’s 3rd Debate

Here’s the word cloud for Hillary’s 3rd Debate

Did you know that:
  • Did you know that: Hillary strongly addressed the rising jobs and income with a focus on tax cuts, equal pay and clean energy? Her focus was on giving tax cuts to the middle class and small businesses, establish an infrastructure bank and fund more scientific research.
  • In the first two debates, Donald Trump primarily spoke about inner cities and their lack of development. In the third debate, he spoke about the renegotiation of trade deals.
  • The main topic of discussion for the third debate for both was the second amendment.
  • Hillary Clinton stressed more on new jobs, the criminal justice system and the middle class in the first debate
  • The phrase ‘Criminal justice’ was primarily associated with ‘African American’ and ‘Latin American’ people, which in turn was associated with the discussion related to ‘gun violence’ and ‘law and order’
  • The words ‘middle class’ was primarily associated with boosting the economy, inclusive growth, making college debt-free and taxing the rich among other things
  • In the second debate, Donald Trump’s main discussion included the words associated with inner cities, locker room, energy companies, getting the subpoena, bad judgment

You can view the tool at this link:

Here is what you can see from the tool:

  • Topic Plot: Graphical representation (plot) of the most frequently used phrases and the connections per debate.
  • Word Cloud: A pictorial representation of the most frequently used phrases.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Gives an overall score using the number of positive and negative words used for the whole debate or any chosen topic.

You can do much more. Play around with the tool and let me know what you think.

This is what we do every day at Take the data, analyze it and find ways to reduce your cost, improve revenues, enter new markets, optimize your operations and whatnot. Talk to us to explore how our Text Analytics can help your business grow faster.

As we say at Exponentia – Your data has all the answers.




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