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The 7 wonders Chatbots can do for Businesses and Users


Augmented Intelligence- Accelerating Data to Actions


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The Seven Wonders Chatbots Can Do For Businesses And Users

According to Gartner, 40% of physical experience-based businesses will have better financial results and be able to beat their competitors by adopting the paid virtual experiences, by 2025.

20th April, 2021

Sentiment Analysis

Augmented Intelligence- Accelerating Data to Actions

Data derived intelligence is the key to winning in the digital economy. Today, every business is adapting to the digital way of reaching out to their customers.

10th Nov, 2020

  1. AI, Bots

    Artificial Intelligence - Making BFSI Future Ready

    Artificial Intelligence has been at the forefront when it comes to building a system that can analyse data intelligently, possess self-learning algorithms.

    10th Nov, 2020

  2. Advanced Analytics

    Managing Frauds in Insurance Industry

    Industry experts believe that insurance frauds have typically been inherent in the process of policy underwriting since long. However, the value of frauds was significantly low before the 2000s and hence did not demand the immediate attention of the industry.

    10th Nov, 2020

  3. Fraud Detection

    Fintech: Artificial Intelligence In Finance Industry

    The world has come a long way in terms of technology. From adjusting the antenna on a blank and white television to watching LIVE sports on handheld devices in full HD, there is no slowing down for innovation. The technology breakthrough and ease of access to innovative products have made the customer smarter and empowered him with choices.

    8th Mar, 2019

  4. AI, ML

    Sentiment Analysis: How can it make AI smarter?

    Infusing emotions into machines and making robots behave humanlike has been an on-going process since quite some time now. At this stage, technology can distinguish between a yes and no, true and false, right and wrong.

    27th Feb, 2019

  5. Machine Learning

    Recommendation Engine for Life Insurance

    We have all enjoyed the activity of shopping in stores or online in the past. Even before the introduction of IoT or e-commerce, the process of shopping was simple. It started with identifying the product that you want, visiting the store where it may be available, finding the product and purchase the same at the checkout counter.

    20th Feb, 2019

  6. Big Data

    Neutralize Cyber Threats With AI

    Online transactions, both monetary and non-monetary, have been a welcome change in the early 21st century in terms of accessibility and transparency. With more and more organizations going online in a bid to provide gold standard customer experience, online transactions have gradually increased in the last decade.

    13th Feb, 2019

  7. Predictive Analytics

    Predictive Analytics For Life Insurance

    The insurance sector is blessed with data in large volumes. Data being the oil in today's time, most of the organizations do not have the means to utilize it to their advantage. It could either be lack of technological awareness or being too comfortable with legacy systems.

    6th Feb, 2019

  8. Innovation Award

    Exponentia DataLabs honoured with Innovation Award by Qlik.

    On Friday, 15-9-17, Exponentia DataLabs; a leading player in Big Data Analytics, Data Science, Big Data Engineering, Data Warehousing, Artificial Intelligence, NLP, Chatbot, Business Intelligence; was honoured with "Innovation Award" under the Solution, Technology category at Qlik India Partner Conference 2017 held at Goa Marriott Resort & Spa, Goa for its remarkable application of Qlik Services.

    18th Sep, 2017

  9. Data Analytics

    Adaptation of Data Analytics in the Indian Market

    When it comes to technology, Data Analytics has been on the priority list for most of the CIO's in the recent years. It is no longer a hypothetical term with undefined ROIs, organizations which have been harnessing the power of advanced data analytics for better decision making, have outperformed their competitors in terms of revenues and profitability.

    29th Aug, 2017

  10. Automation

    Wockhardt Hospitals selects Qlik's data discovery solution to gain data insights

    Mumbai-Bangalore: Qlik, a visual analytics provider, today said that Wockhardt Hospitals, has selected Qlik's data discovery solution, to gain better data insights and improve business performance while reducing operational costs.

    15th Dec, 2016

  11. Speech Recognition

    US President Election Debates - What is Exponentia Text Analytics Saying?

    This US Presidential Elections was different for several reasons and who knows it might be a history in making. The debates were fantastic and the analytics in US Presidential Elections made it even more interesting. Our analytics team looked at the debates and transcripts and brought you more insights and perspectives.

    8th Nov, 2016

  12. Automation

    4 unconventional ways to improve the customer support agent productivity


    If you are focusing on improving the customer experience, there is nothing more important than to improve customer support agent productivity. While the softer aspects of empowerment, focus et al are important for productivity, there are some fundamental shifts that are essential to make the process scalable.

    25th Sep, 2016

  13. ?

    Email resolution rate low? Find out Why - Survey Analysis.

    Several factors play a role in ensuring that the email resolution rate is higher in a customer support scenario. Reading the email, understanding the issue, accurately categorizing the email, customer support agent capacity and then allocating it to appropriate function.

    20th Sep, 2016

  14. Customer Insights

    Taming the text analytics challenge

    Text Analytics, what is it and why are we even discussing it? If we have written a feedback for poor customer service or sent a mail to a bank asking for some assistance or even written a random post on a social networking site or reviewed some product on a blog, then we have given fodder for analysis, albeit without structure.

    30th Jun, 2016

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